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About Us

We are an independent collective of professionals who share a passion for the creative process and interactive media as a means to improving the world around us. 

We are a curious and passionate bunch who believe that by combining our skills we can bring wonderful things to life. We approach everything we create with a holistic intent and a genuine craving to learn and evolve our ideas through the creative process.

To us Polymath means "One who is drawn to the learning of many things". We believe everyone is a Polymath and has the potential to live a life full of learning and making. 

Inevitably, we have a huge passion for Interactive Media and Games which combine countless creative disciplines to deliver experiences that can be powerful, fun, expressive, and even transformative.

We're currently hard at work on our two indie games Casmage and Wild Passage and are available for contract!


Edgard Ortega
Lead Designer, Developer

Designer and developer with a love for systems thinking and the purpose of "artful things" in every day life. Edgard has a background in web design, 3D digital arts, and interaction development.  

With a background as an Experience Prototyper at Intel Realsense Experience Design Team he hopes to combine art and technical skills to create new experiences that engage people in increasingly human and compassionate ways in any medium.


Garrett Stevens
Art Director, Dungeon Master

Artist who seeks to bring his love of graphic novels, animation, and film to interactive media through novel approaches to realtime rendering and visual design.

With a background in fine arts sculpture and digital art, he has been a 3D Modeler for Makerbot Industries and an Art Lead at the Intel Realsense Experience Design Team. 


Alejandro Cannizzo
Lead Programmer, Procedural Junkie

Engineer with a mild obsession for procedural content generation,  and game development.

With a degree in Computer Graphics, Alejandro has been a Lead Mobile Developer at Watto Apps and a Full-Stack Developer at 2Brains , both award-winning app studios.  Alejandro combines a unique blend of technical expertise with a love for play that shines through in his many pixel-art inspired games.


(Some) Team Members

Anguel Bogoev
Gameplay Animator, Rigger

Animator. Liker of games, pretty things, and stories.

Former Gameplay Animator at EA Tiburon

Connor McCampbell
Environment Artist, 3D Modeler

World builder at heart, hard surface artist, design enthusiast.

Connor has been an Environment Artist at BioWare, BattleCry, and most recently 343 Industries.

Guðjón Örn Lárusson
Character Artist, 3D Modeler

Sculptor, pusher of verts and all around Iceland-man with freaky ideas.

Gauji has been a Sculptor and Modeler for RVX, Makerbot, CAOZ Studio, and Solid Clouds