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Casmage | 1 Year Recap


Our blog dedicated to our creative process and endeavors. Everything from current projects, past projects, to our own adventures! Beware things may get personal and/or technical!

Casmage | 1 Year Recap

Alejandro Cannizzo

Around a year ago I had sent a demo for Indiecade of Casmage. The game at that point was playable, but it didn't have a very clear idea of what it wanted to be. I of course knew what I wanted to make, a cooperative game that was centered around evoking a strong teamwork feeling in the players, but there were so many unanswered questions that the prototype I had made just wasn't there yet.

After that submission is when I decided to shift the direction of the game towards boss fights. I realized I wanted the game to be too many things at once, and in reality, the scenarios where teammwork shine the most in an action game are when players face a difficult enemy. I thought that making a game focused around beating bosses with friend would be really fun and cool, so I started work on my first boss ever, ever.

I will say, it was really hard, The Eye went through a looooot (a lot) of iterations, the version that is currently in the game is very different from what I was originally envisioning, and this is mostly because after iterating over and over again on the abilities and the fight itself, many ideas I had just were too out of scope, or would just not work.

However, after roughly 5 months, and a lot of help, I managed to finish The Eye and did a ton of playtesting. I got help from one of our collaborators with the concept art for The Eye, you know, to help me figure out how it actually looked. And oh boy, did I figure it out.

Concept art of The Eye, made by Sean Cruz.

Concept art of The Eye, made by Sean Cruz.

Eddy and Garrett played the game many times with other people and generally we got to playtest it a lot just to get a feel of the gameplay. And it is actually quite fun, so things are getting there :)

This year we also sent another demo of Casmage to Indiecade, involving solely the fight with The Eye. I think it shows enough of the vision of the game. And this has been a goal for the development in Casmage that we have met, now there are fewer questions about the game, and its identity is starting to take shape really really fast.

We are currently working on making a kickstarter campaign later this year, and for that we want to have the next boss fight ready and make sure everything is as good as it can be. Since most of our resources are now free to work on Casmage, the game's been getting an insane art boost, so expect a trillionmillion more updates in the near future. Ok maybe not that many but... you know... more than now, which is like... zero.

Here, have a wobbly face for reading this.

Here, have a wobbly face for reading this.