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3D Modeling

From characters and environments to props and toys, we excel at bringing concepts to life as quality 3D assets suitable for games, films, and manufacturing

3D Modeling

From characters and environments to props and toys, Polymath has expertise bringing concepts to life with contemporary tools and techniques.

We excel at producing quality assets suitable for games, films and manufacturing and have a passion for pushing ourselves as versatile 3D artists in any style.

For Concept

We are comfortable translating design ideas into 3D with little to no concept art or as part of the visual development process itself. Our process generally involves fast iterations of Zbrush sculpts that aim to discover a target design in as close a format to their final form as possible.

Griffin Speed Sculpt - 5 Hours

Krampus Speed Sculpt - 5 Hours

For Games 

Entertainment is one of our first passions. Our team members have produced numerous game-ready assets and participated in many projects that range from AAA to Indie and Mobile productions. As such we have extensive knowledge in the vast range of limitations and technical requirements involved in bringing characters, props, and environments to realtime engines.

For Fabrication

Producing assets for physical manufacturing such as 3D printing and rapid prototyping has it's own set of challenges. Polymath's experience with physical manufacturing spans a knowledge of not just contemporary production techniques such as FDM and SLA printing but also a traditional background in casting, mold-making, and welding. 

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